Rock Out All Day (and Night) with Transcend's T.sonic 840 DAP

In a world of complex do-it-all gadgets, the T.sonic 840 might seem a little bland. It's a fairly basic digital audio player, supporting everything you'd expect in the audio (MP3, WMA, WAV, WMA-DRM10) and visual (JPG, BMP) departments. But it is the simple yet functional approach that allows Transcend's latest gadget… » 8/02/07 11:20pm 8/02/07 11:20pm

Transcend JetFlash V90 Stores and Sparkles

Transcend just announced a shiny new addition to its JetFlash USB lineup in the form of the V90. Available in sizes up to 2GB, the drives start at $27.99 and come in either a mother-of-pearl finish or a fiberglass weave over metal. With the included long chain, the drive can be worn as a necklace and should be a nice… » 6/18/07 2:20pm 6/18/07 2:20pm