This Tiny Home Uses Sliding Walls to Transform One Room Into Four

We've seen our fair share of transforming apartments around here, from MIT's super-advanced version to this Ikea-esque wonder. But none of them can compare to the sheer inventive genius of this apartment, in which huge sliding racks make it possible to pack a whole household into a tiny corridor of space. »11/07/14 10:01am11/07/14 10:01am

This video shows every single transformation in the Transformer movies

Man, do you guys remember how fun that Transformers trilogy was? Back when Shia was happy muttering no no no no when things went bad, back when we weren't sure if Megan Fox was part of a new beautiful species, back when Michael Bay didn't implode on a stage, back when it was just giant good transformers pummeling… »2/03/14 11:32pm2/03/14 11:32pm

This Abandoned House Unfolds Into a Theater For 100

This red-sided house, rotting on a quiet street of York, Alabama, was once a symbol of the town’s struggle with blight. But over the past two years, with the help of the citizens who invited him there, artist Matthew Mazzotta has disassembled the abandoned structure and rebuilt it—as a tiny home that unfolds into an… »8/12/13 12:43pm8/12/13 12:43pm

Tiny Transforming Manhattan Apartment Would Make Optimus Prime Proud

In 2005, grade school teacher Eric Schneider paid $235,000 for a 450 square foot studio apartment that originally looked like it had barely enough room for even a bed. So he handed it over to architects Michael Chen and Kari Anderson who revamped the kitchen, and designed a central transforming cabinet that now… »11/12/11 10:00am11/12/11 10:00am

Transformer Shelf Hides Your Stuff, Fauns In Its Puzzling Pockets

This is not, quite, a Japanese puzzle box: But it is a transforming storage unit that has so many sliding, slotting, complex inner drawers, pockets and shelves that it comes close to being a puzzle. Designed by Martin Sammer, Transformer Shelf is just a solid shelving unit when "closed," but sliding it open reveals… »11/06/08 6:20am11/06/08 6:20am

First Video of the Japanese Vending Machine Dress Transforming

Click to viewHere's a video report from Reuters on the transforming dress that disguises a scared, vulnerable stalking target into a vending machine you'd find in any Tokyo side street. This is the first time I've seen this dress on video. And I like how the reporter calls it a modern day Ninja tactic, while other… »11/09/07 10:13pm11/09/07 10:13pm

Japanese Anti Rape/Mugging Dress Transforms Into Vending Machine Disguise

We were under the impression that Japan was so awesome crime didn't exist there. Unfortunately, it does. To ward off criminals, fashion designer Aya Tsukioka has conjured up some neat transforming clothes/accessories to deceive potential muggers. Whether there would be time to get your kit out in an attack is probably… »10/20/07 4:20pm10/20/07 4:20pm

Future Aircrafts Could Shapeshift (Not Transformers-Style, Unfortunately)

In an article in the latest Air & Space, shapeshifting planes could actually be made a reality. Not shapeshifting in the sense of Transformers, but morphing to alter wingspan, wing area and other features. A lot of this approach on morphing planes is inspired from flowers and batteries. »2/22/07 3:05pm2/22/07 3:05pm

A team of MIT smarties are…