Carbon Nanotube Transistors That'll Save Moore's Law Are Coming in 2020

Our world of amazingly tiny electronics is about to get even tinier. After a decade of research, IBM says it'll bring carbon nanotube transistors to market by 2020. The company is now readying the technology to take over from silicon transistors, and that opens up a lot of exciting doors. » 7/01/14 10:26am 7/01/14 10:26am

How the Aged Vacuum Tube Could Save Moore's Law

Moore's Law is under threat. In the battle between chip designers and the laws of physics, it's beginning to look like it won't be long before it's impossible to double the number of transistors on integrated circuits every two years. But there could be a solution, and it involves—of all things—good old vacuum tubes. » 6/24/14 8:00am 6/24/14 8:00am

Berkeley Lab's 2D Transistor Could Supercharge Tomorrow's Electronics

Graphene is regularly touted as a "super material" in electronics manufacturing—one able to do everything that silicon does, except better. But that isn't good enough for one team at Berkeley Labs. They've combined graphene with two other cutting-edge materials to create the world's first 2D field effects transistor.… » 6/05/14 12:00pm 6/05/14 12:00pm

World's Tiniest Plasma Transistor Can Make Supertough Electronics

The pink glow you see above is coming from the world's smallest plasma transistor, an unfathomably miniscule device 100 times smaller than the width of a human hair. It's not just tiny, it's tough, and theoretically able to withstand brutal environments. And it could massively change consumer electronics. » 3/20/14 3:40pm 3/20/14 3:40pm

IBM's Graphene Circuit: A Genius Reminder of How Far Graphene Has to Go

IBM's mad scientists have created a graphene-based circuit that's 10,000 times more powerful than existing alternatives. This radio receiver is so sophisticated and futuristic, in fact, that it can... send a text message to your friends. » 1/30/14 1:40pm 1/30/14 1:40pm

We Can Now Print Ultrafast Graphene Chips for Flexible Electronics

Futurists are always talking about how flexible electronics will change our lives in amazing ways, but we've yet to see anything mind-blowing come to market. A team of scientists from the University of Texas in Austin, however, think they've found the key to changing that: ultrafast graphene transistors printed on… » 8/22/13 5:45pm 8/22/13 5:45pm

Scientists Just Figured Out How to Make Lightning-Fast Graphene CPUs

Graphene has the power to change computing forever by making the fastest transistors ever. In theory. We just haven't figured out how yet. Sound familiar? Fortunately, scientists have just taken a big step closer to making graphene transistors work for real. » 8/21/13 11:50am 8/21/13 11:50am

This Is How a Transistor Works

Transistors are the magical electronic components that make your computer, smartphone and virtually every other gadget on the planet function—but how the hell do they work? » 7/11/13 5:32am 7/11/13 5:32am

These Brain-Hugging Transistors Will Make Real-Life Cyborgs

Transistors were one of the most revolutionary developments in modern computing. And that was without directly implanting them in our brains. Now, the first microscopic organic transistor arrays promise to let us do just that. » 4/15/13 1:23pm 4/15/13 1:23pm

New DNA-Based Transistor Brings Us One Step Closer to True Human…

The increasingly ambiguous divide between man and machine just got blurred that much more with Stanford's recent announcement: scientists have successfully created the first truly biological transistor made entirely out of genetic material. » 3/29/13 12:25pm 3/29/13 12:25pm

65 Years Ago The Transistor Jump-Started The World Of Modern Technology

65 years ago, December 16th 1947, William Shockley, John Bardeen, and Walter Brattain operated the first ever working point-contact transistor, almost known as the iotatron. Now, so many years later, we rely on the descendants of that transistor as a part of practically all of the high tech electronic devices we use… » 12/16/12 12:00pm 12/16/12 12:00pm

The Transistor Was Almost Called the Iotatron

When Bell Laboratories wrapped up work on the transistor in 1948, they let 25 employees vote on the name. And for some reason, those stodgy bastards passed up options such as the crystal triode and the iotatron. Sad face. » 9/07/11 1:20pm 9/07/11 1:20pm

2-Nanometer Quantum Transistors Are the World's Smallest

A team of scientists at Chungbuk National University in South Korea have created a transistor that's only 2nm in size, which happens to be the smallest in the world. By comparison, the current generation of Intel processors use 32nm transistors. » 5/31/11 6:20pm 5/31/11 6:20pm

Intel's 22nm 3D Transistors Will Keep Moore's Law Alive

Intel's introduction today of the world's first 3D transistors is more than just a tech breakthrough. It's an assurance that Moore's Law—that the number of transistors on an integrated circuit doubles every two years—will stay alive just a while longer. And the 22nm process is going to make these things fly. » 5/04/11 12:42pm 5/04/11 12:42pm

CPUs Actually Age

You know when your body is crying out for sleep, or a square of food or even some warmth—but what about your transistors and chips which don't have a voice? IEEE Spectrum has a fascinating little tale up about component ageing, and how manufacturers play it too safe by clocking the speed of them far lower than they… » 4/28/11 7:40am 4/28/11 7:40am

Researchers Build a Transistor Out Of a Single Electron

University of Pittsburgh researchers have assembled a key piece of tech that will help enable a future generation of extremely powerful quantum computers as well as advanced electronic materials and better computer memories. Their single-electron transistor is the first of its kind made entirely from oxide-based… » 4/20/11 11:00am 4/20/11 11:00am

World's First Single-Electron Transistor Works Like a Teeny, Tiny…

It's amazing what an electron can do. Researchers, lead by a team from the University of Pittsburgh, have built the world's first operational single-electron transistor, the SketchSET, which could become an essential component of all sorts of futuristic technologies; from super-dense, high-capacity solid-state drives… » 4/18/11 11:20pm 4/18/11 11:20pm

Never Have That Sinking Feeling Again Once You're Packing Mintronics'…

Some people (hello, hypochondriacs!) feel safer carrying around a first aid kit. Others—like many of you reading this right now—can only feel truly prepared if they're packing a few resistors, transistors and capacitors. Me, it's a miniUSB cable. » 1/20/11 5:00am 1/20/11 5:00am

Printable Transistors? What Can't Makerbot Do?

DIY'ers are losing their shit over these printable transistors. Why? Because they could make it that much easier to prototype intricate gadgets without having to send orders to a fabrication plant to have these components made. » 12/15/10 9:00pm 12/15/10 9:00pm

Brain-Like Memristors Could Revolutionize Memory Chips at the Atomic…

The brainiacs at H.P. think they've discovered a way to replace transistors with technology that will shrink chips to the atomic scale. Emphasis on "brain." » 4/11/10 1:00pm 4/11/10 1:00pm