Iranian Invents Multilingual Talking Book Reader

There's not a lot of information about this invention from Ramin Sedighi of Iran, except that it's a device with an electronic pen that scans words of a book and says them aloud. The news clip says that the device will teach languages to children ages 4 to 16, and that it can also "explain" pictures. Here's the… » 12/27/07 11:37am 12/27/07 11:37am

NEC Phone Translates Spoken Voice Into Touristy Demands

A newly developed phone from NEC will take the spoken words of Japanese tourists and turn them into an English translation on the fly. The translator's 50,000 word vocab is geared towards the typical tourist pleas: "Can I have a subway route map?" "How far away is the hotel?" and "Where can I find decent Japanese food… » 11/30/07 8:42am 11/30/07 8:42am