Know What Your Dog Really Wants With This Pooch-to-People Translator

With an olfactory potency hundreds of times more sensitive than ours, a dog's nose is an invaluable tool in the service of humans. But understanding exactly what your dog's nose is picking up has traditionally been limited to specific yes/no answers, such as airport drug dogs ("do you smell weed on this suitcase, yes… »7/24/13 11:30am7/24/13 11:30am

ICANN Testing Domain Names In Chinese, Cyrillic, Arabic and Other Alphabets

ICANN, the governing body of domain names, says it will test out web addresses using Arabic, Persian, Russian, Hindi, Greek, Korean, Hebrew, Japanese, Tamil and both simplified and traditional Chinese. I guess this means that the inevitable collapse of all language into a bloated English hodgepodge is on hold. While… »10/12/07 10:10am10/12/07 10:10am

Tower of Babel Translator For Picking Up Hot Foreign Girls

Why limit yourself to knowing only one language when you pretend to know many more? That's what a bunch of U.S. scientists figured when they set about to create a "Tower Of Babel" translator. A series of electrodes connect to the user's neck and face to detect movements that are made when users mouth words. That is,… »10/26/06 10:38am10/26/06 10:38am