Scientists Create Wi-Fi That Can Transmit Seven Blu-ray Movies Per…

If you think your home Wi-Fi connection is fast, think again. Scientists have been working on a new way to transmit data wirelessly, and they can now transfer a scorching 2.5 terabits of information per second. » 6/25/12 12:20pm 6/25/12 12:20pm

µTorrent iPhone App Rejected, Heads Over to Cydia

µMonitor is little iPhone app that lets you remotely control µTorrent back at your computer. But like Transmission's Drivetrain app, it's been banned by Apple on anti-piracy grounds. Usefully, however: Jailbreakers can still pick it up via Cydia. » 9/02/09 2:15am 9/02/09 2:15am

Bike by Ellsworth, Transmission by Leonardo da Vinci

Bicycle transmissions have clearly caught up with those of cars. We've already seen automatic transmission bikes by Shimano and others—and now there's a continuously variable transmission (CVT) in this Ellsworth bicycle that works in a similar way to our Honda Civic Hybrid. » 3/27/07 1:45pm 3/27/07 1:45pm