A Cellphone Base Station in the Palm of Your Hand

How will the billion people who still use older 2G cellphones use them to pay for goods, just like people with smartphones equipped with near-field communications (NFC) wireless links? One answer is to place a tiny 2G base station at the point of sale so that those older non-NFC phones can also make a short-range… »11/13/12 7:21am11/13/12 7:21am

New Sony Walkmen get own FM transmitter and car charger at last

Now that Sony's range of Walkman-branded players are finally starting to look like the real deal (maybe not this one, eh?) it's about time that the Tokyo giant pulled its finger out and started supporting it with a few more decent add-ons like the car FM transmitter and charger that went on sale in Japan yesterday. »10/11/06 6:48am10/11/06 6:48am