Politiwoops Is Still Dead, But You Can Read Millions of Politicians' Deleted Tweets in a New Archive 

When Twitter unceremoniously killed Politiwoops, the Sunlight Foundation-founded site that compiled politicians’ deleted tweets, we lost a valuable tool for political transparency. It sucks, but here’s a silver lining: You can still access the archive of politician saying stupid shit on social media. »9/16/15 10:30am9/16/15 10:30am

Hillary Clinton Exclusively Used Personal Email While Secretary of State

Hillary Clinton's burgeoning presidential campaign is off to a rocky good start. Just a day after papers reported that the former Secretary of State would make a bid for the nation's highest office in April, The New York Times reports that Hillary Clinton used only her personal email address while serving as Secretary… »3/02/15 10:30pm3/02/15 10:30pm

Jeb Bush Is Sorry He Published Your Social Security Numbers

The man who signed Florida's Stand Your Ground law is now awkwardly moonwalking backwards on an initially indiscriminate data-dump. Presidential hopeful and former Florida governor Jeb Bush is doing some damage control on his decision to publish his gubernatorial emails, which provided easy access to over 12,000… »2/13/15 2:45pm2/13/15 2:45pm

Jeb Bush Basically Just Doxxed Thousands of Floridians 

Florida governor Jeb Bush bills himself as a tech-savvy politician, but he just made a major email etiquette mistake: Bush has published over 250,000 emails people sent to him as governor, easily searchable by date— and he hasn't redacted email addresses or the content of messages, meaning anyone who reached out to… »2/10/15 11:30am2/10/15 11:30am

Twitter Is Suing For the Right to Show How Many Fed Requests It Gets

In the past, companies like Facebook and Microsoft have released so-called transparency reports about the government surveillance requests they've received—but per government restrictions, the numbers have been relatively vague. Today, Twitter just filed a lawsuit to lift the restrictions on what they're allowed to… »10/07/14 3:26pm10/07/14 3:26pm

The Intelligence Community Finally Released a Transparency Report

The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which includes the NSA, quietly posted its first ever transparency report on Tumblr this week. Complete with "Top Secret" written on the top, the three-and-a-half page document details basic statistics about the intelligence community's actions. It's not very… »6/27/14 1:47pm6/27/14 1:47pm

Yahoo's Blazing the Trail to Transparency in the Post-PRISM World

On Monday, Yahoo won a court fight that will force the government to disclose secret information about a 2008 case that required Yahoo to hand over customer data. It's icing on the cake for Marissa Mayer, who celebrates her one year anniversary at Yahoo this week. But more importantly, it could give us our clearest… »7/16/13 2:22pm7/16/13 2:22pm

Track the Sneaky TOS Changes on Your Favorite Online Services

When Instagram announced its updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy back in December, the Internet went into a tizzy in large measure because people didn't really understand what was going on. Now, there's a watchdog service that tracks the changes of many of the most popular online services so that we're armed… »2/06/13 11:33am2/06/13 11:33am

Twitter Is the One Place the Number of Copyright Notices Is Actually Down

Last June, Twitter hopped on the transparency train and released its first report indexing information requests, copyright takedown notices, and removal requests from governments around the globe. Now the second report is out, with its own site and some new details on what the U.S. government in particular is doing.… »1/28/13 11:37am1/28/13 11:37am