TSA's "Checkpoint Friendly" Laptop Bag Policy Starts Today

You know that new TSA policy that kind of sounds like a ploy to sell new generations »8/16/08 12:00pm8/16/08 12:00pm of ? The one where, if you have specific types of bags that are deemed "checkpoint friendly" by the TSA, you won't have to take your laptop out while going through security lines at the airport? That goes into effect today. The new…

TSA Confiscates Homemade Battery and Water Bottle, Declares Victory Over Terror

"For six long minutes on June 30, screening operations froze at Jackson-Evers International Airport's West checkpoint in Mississippi." Bated breath. "Transportation Security Officer Scot Peele leveraged his training and experience when he detected the suspicious item while monitoring the X-ray image of the passenger's… »7/30/08 4:50pm7/30/08 4:50pm