Watch People Get Pranked into Thinking Star Trek Teleportation Is Real

Teleportation is perhaps the dreamiest sci-fi invention ever imagined so it's no surprise that when a Star Trek-style Transporter pops up in a middle of a mall and promises real life teleportation, a crowd forms to ooh and ahh and secretly hope that it's real (no matter how unreal it is). Illusionist Scott Penrose… »9/11/13 9:06pm9/11/13 9:06pm

This Foldable Boat Is Great for Saving Space, Probably Less Great for Staying Alive

For the casual seafarer with space constraints, Better Outdoors has come up with a creative, if perhaps terrifying, solution to a problem most of us never knew we had in the first place. Say hello to the Transporter: a box-like boat that conveniently folds into a box-like box for your space-saving, travel needs. »2/14/13 6:20pm2/14/13 6:20pm

Beam Me Up, Scotty: Scientists Transport a Hunk of Matter 18 Inches

Scientists in Copenhagen took one more step toward the Star Trek transporter, figuring out how to teleport groups of billions of atoms from one place to another using light, quantum mechanics, magnetism and a concept they call "entanglement." Professor Eugene Polzik and his team managed to move an object about 18… »10/05/06 10:59am10/05/06 10:59am

Slim Devices Transporter: Exclusive First Look At the Ultimate Audio Streamer

Alright sound geeks, put on your bibs before you read any further. Slim Devices is soon to release this $1999 Mega-Super-Duper networked streamer that is chock full of audiophile goodness. The Transporter – no affiliation with crappy films – is loaded with what they claim is the best digital analog converter… »7/24/06 6:37pm7/24/06 6:37pm