Barcode Scanner Bins Make Recycling Fun For Nerds

Don't get me wrong, I'm all for recycling, but it's the process I'm not so thrilled about. For bottles and newspapers things are fairly simple, but there is a whole gray area that makes knowing what is appropriate for recycling more complicated. The Barcode Trashcan offers a high-tech solution that utilizes the… » 2/14/08 6:20pm 2/14/08 6:20pm

Wastebasket Facilitates Hands-Free Toilet Reading

Who knew a minor variation in the shape of the top of an ordinary trash can could be so useful? There's usually a trashcan next the toilet, so Snowtone Design figured it might be nice to put that receptacle to use during the times you're not throwing stuff in it. Just drag it around in front of you as you're doing… » 10/29/07 9:37am 10/29/07 9:37am

I.master Intelligent Wastebin - Smart Garbage Can for Smart People?

The Wastecan i.Master Wesco is definitely much smarter than your trash can. It features an invisible infrared sensor at the top that senses when your hand is near, filled with stinky trash, and automatically opens the lid without the need for involvement from you other hand or your foot for that matter. » 2/05/07 3:49pm 2/05/07 3:49pm

Clever Case Mod Puts PC Where It Belongs

There's something satisfying about this trash can PC case mod from a resourceful Chinese enthusiast, putting the PC right where it belongs. I can think of many a long night where I wanted to do much worse to the PCs I've encountered. Not that we're Mac fanboys or anything, but you never see a Mac shoehorned into a… » 10/20/06 1:02pm 10/20/06 1:02pm