Hitachi's 2.5-Inch HDD Does 7200rpm Speeds With 5400rpm Power

Fujitsu might have been the first to introduce a 2.5" 7200rpm hard drive with 320GB capacity, but Hitachi is hot on their trail. Today, Hitachi announced that they too have a quick lil'-drive, the Travelstar 7K320. The HDD will support the same SATA 3Gbps interface as the Fujitsu, but will supposedly use less power.… » 5/07/08 3:01am 5/07/08 3:01am

ASUS M70 One Terabyte Laptop Screams "FIRST!!!"

For the digital pack rats, the ASUS M70 (which was quasi-announced at CES) looks to be the first stock laptop to support a full terabyte of storage (a feat achieved by packing dual 500GB Hitachi Travelstar drives). So what do you do with all that data? Store HD videos to play back on the built-in 17" WUXGA screen… » 4/17/08 10:25am 4/17/08 10:25am