Traffic On A Petition To Prosecute Zimmerman Crashed The NAACP's Site

After last night's decision in the Trayvon Martin case, many Americans errupted in anger and disappointment about George Zimmerman's acquittal. Almost immediately following the decision, the NAACP posted an online petition for federal prosecution of Zimmerman. And the site got so much traffic that it crashed and has… »7/14/13 6:11pm7/14/13 6:11pm


Spike Lee Accidentally Tweeted the Address of an Elderly Couple Thinking It Was Trayvon Martin's Shooter

Spike Lee, sometimes movie maker and recent Jeremy Lin jersey wearer, made a pretty big boo boo recently. He thought he had retweeted an address of George Zimmerman, the guy who shot Trayvon Martin, but actually retweeted an address of an elderly couple in their 70s to his 250,000 followers. »3/28/12 1:29pm3/28/12 1:29pm