Someone Get This Walk-Anywhere-Forever Treadmill an Oculus Rift ASAP

The Oculus Rift is so close to making our Star Trek holodeck dreams a reality. The only catch is that since you're tethered with cables, you're not really free to physically walk around while wearing it. So far the solutions to this problem have been less than impressive, but the Infinadeck—a treadmill that lets you… »5/20/14 8:36am5/20/14 8:36am


A Clip-On Motion Sensor That Lets You Read While Running

Back in April we brought you a device that researchers at Purdue University had developed to make it easier to read while running on a treadmill. But the infra-red goggles and tracking cameras that translated a runner's movements to the text they were reading was clunky, and no where near as easy to use as the new … »9/05/13 7:00am9/05/13 7:00am

This Bobbing Display Lets You Read While Running On a Treadmill

There's a recent fitness trend that sees people switching from a traditional desk to working on a treadmill to maximize their physical activity. The problem is that at anything more vigorous than a casual stride, it's difficult to read a static display while on a treadmill. At least until researchers at Purdue… »4/16/13 10:04am4/16/13 10:04am

Treadmill Bed Sends Mixed Signals to the Morbidly Obese

This handy invention is a combination of a treadmill and a bed. It automatically props your fat ass up and puts your feet on a treadmill. Apparently, you can exercise this way. Wait, what? Call me crazy, but moving your feet while sitting down isn't a form of exercise. It certainly isn't jogging. If you're sitting on… »9/02/08 10:30am9/02/08 10:30am

Water Resistance Treadmill for Dogs Should Have PETA Up in Arms

We've seen water resistance treadmills before, but those were for people. What about for dogs? Clearly, a water resistance treadmill for dogs is an absolute necessity in this day and age. I mean, how else can you possibly keep your dog fit and trim while also instilling a lifelong fear of water and enclosed spaces?… »5/08/08 12:30pm5/08/08 12:30pm

Fit Fur Life Doggy Treadmill Walks That Mutt So You Won't Have To

If you're too lazy to walk a few steps but still want your dog to get a workout, this Fit Fur Life $1400 dog treadmill lets you get some vicarious exercise, courtesy of Fido's four feet. We're not quite understanding why this is so expensive (other than its maker calling it "the best dog treadmill in the world"),… »12/28/07 2:15pm12/28/07 2:15pm