30-Year Quest Ends In $15 Million Gold and Silver Coin Treasure

Thirty years ago, a farmer found a few Iron Age silver coins while working on his land in the island of Jersey, off the coast of Normandy. Now, after combing the soil with metal detectors for three decades, two treasure hunters have found a hoard of silver and gold coins, the biggest of its kind, valued at $15 million. » 6/26/12 1:20pm 6/26/12 1:20pm

How the Nazis Sunk the Largest Underwater Treasure In the World

It was a dark, ice-cold February. The merchant ship SS Gairsoppa was seeking refuge in Ireland when a Nazi U-boat sunk her. She was loaded with seven million ounces of silver » 9/26/11 5:47pm 9/26/11 5:47pm. That's worth $202.74 million in today's dollars.

Vladimir Putin Casually Discovers a Pair of 6th Century Artifacts While…

In his ongoing quest to prove what an adventurous savage he is, Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin went diving in the Black Sea. Lo and behold, after diving down a couple of meters, he happened upon two sixth century urns. Convenient. » 8/11/11 10:03am 8/11/11 10:03am

This is What Real Buried Treasure Looks Like

An Austrian man who has been identified as just Andreas K. is one lucky bastard. While digging around in his yard back in 2007, he managed to find a treasure trove of jewelry and ornaments buried 650 years ago. » 4/23/11 6:00pm 4/23/11 6:00pm

Lots of Booty Found on Blackbeard's Pirate Ship

The odd mess in this photo is a copper-alloy sword guard discovered in a shipwreck which is believed to be Queen Anne's Revenge. Yes, that was the name of Pirate Blackbeard's ship—and yes, this could be his sword. » 1/14/11 11:47pm 1/14/11 11:47pm