Trek Lync Review: Built-In Bike Lights Are Great (When They're Charged)

Wouldn't life would be easier if all bikes came with lights built into the frame? The typical removable ones are as easy to forget as they are to steal, either of which will ruin your evening. Well: Trek's new Lync models come with built-in lights! This matte black beaut is fully equipped with powerful LEDs in front… »9/26/14 2:35pm9/26/14 2:35pm

Star Trek Season One HD DVD Reviewed, New CG Spaceships and All

As any hardcore fan of the Trek series will tell you, the smallest adjustments made to the originals are bound to undergo a tremendous amount of scrutiny. That having been said, the first reviews of the new HD DVD release of Star Trek have become available—and by the looks of things there is a lot to like, and a few… »11/20/07 5:40pm11/20/07 5:40pm

Trek Lime Bicycle Now Shipping, Has Electronic Automatic Transmission

Here's an unusual bike, the $580 Trek Lime that's just now becoming available, and it has a few distinguishing characteristics, such as its electronically controlled automatic transmission on its rear hub that's powered by a generator in the front hub. It also has a covered chain that's quite attractive, and that… »4/02/07 12:00pm4/02/07 12:00pm