TrekStor's DivX-playing Hard Drive Prefers Your TV Over Your PC

It's not the first media hard drive we've seen, but TrekStor's new MovieStation gets kudos for being one of the biggest. The MovieStation stores up to 500GB worth of media and can connect straight to your TV (pumping out video via component or composite connections and audio via optical/analog). On the video front,… » 5/17/07 10:10am 5/17/07 10:10am

Trekstor i.Beat Sweez Squeezes Music Player Down to 1 Ounce

The latest music player from Trekstor, a company who's given us the oddly shaped Vibez, has been named the Sweez. Besides weighing just one ounce, the Sweez has FM playback, 1 or 2GB storage, a neckband, plays back MP3/WMA/WAV/WMA-DRM10 and features USB2.0 support. All in all it's nothing revolutionary since we've… » 5/08/07 9:10pm 5/08/07 9:10pm

Trekstor Vibez Digital Audio Player Looks Odd, Might Actually Be Good

Trekstor, the same company that brought us that Depeche Mode digital audio player, is coming out with yet another odd DAP, the Vibez. Available in an 8GB and 15GB version, the Vibez, aside from looking rather odd, is trying to make a name for itself with its support for FLAC and Ogg Vorbis. Throw in the usual MP3 and… » 8/28/06 2:15pm 8/28/06 2:15pm