Palm Pro Delayed Again

The delayed February 15th date we heard for Palm's flagship Windows Mobile phone, the Palm Pro, has slipped again, according to Boy Genius. It may be one of the best Windows Mobile phones ever, but I'm happy enough waiting for the Palm Pre, so this doesn't bother me one bit. [Boy Genius Report] » 2/09/09 3:39pm 2/09/09 3:39pm

Blackberries Fail Twice as Often as iPhones, But Less Than Treos

Research group SquareTrade recently released the results of a massive cellphone study. They tracked 15,000 individual handsets over their first year of use, and they found some large discrepancies in reliability. The iPhone malfunction rate sat at a comfortable 5.6%. The Blackberry (in its various incarnations) jumped… » 11/12/08 9:15am 11/12/08 9:15am

Rumor: Best Buy to Carry T-Mobile G1 from October 26th

A purported screenshot of a Best Buy sales terminal indicates October 26th as the day that the first Android phone will be showing on shelves at the retailer. This leak follows a similar one » 10/01/08 6:50am 10/01/08 6:50am from just a few days ago that reveals the BlackBerry Bold will be coming to Best Buy, also on the 26th. Accompanying screenshots …

Palm Treo Pro Sized Up Against Competition

Most of us can size up the functionality of a phone from its spec sheet, but a phone's practicality, usability and enjoyability falls to a whole other series of factors. Form factor is a biggie. In this clip, you'll see the Treo Pro » 8/26/08 8:30am 8/26/08 8:30am literally sized up against the smartphone competition (including the Palm Centro,…

Palm Treo Pro Hands On: Definitely Not The Same Old Palm Phone

Palm's Treo Pro was announced today, and we just got one for ourselves. The most noticeable thing about it is how small and light and shiny it is for a Palm phone. As a comparison, it sits between the BlackBerry Curve and the iPhone in terms of size. Could this be the king of the WinMo phones?

» 8/20/08 4:59pm 8/20/08 4:59pm

Palm's Grand Plan to Save the Brand Barely a Plan At All

Palm is in a tough place right now, with a staid reputation, a decade-old OS and a line of phones that are all, well, sort of boring. The New York Times ran a piece today » 8/20/08 3:30pm 8/20/08 3:30pm charting Palm's revitalization plans, which are being carried out under the guidance of CEO Ed Colligan and , and they aren't altogether inspiring.…

Palm Treo Pro Official

This week's best kept secret just got official: The Palm Treo Pro is a Centro-sized Windows Mobile 6.1 phone (whither Palm OS?) with tri-band 3G, Wi-Fi and GPS with a 320x320 touchscreen, exactly like the recent Treo 800w. Powering the show is a 400MHz processor and 128MB of RAM. And yep, the proprietary Palm connector … » 8/20/08 9:52am 8/20/08 9:52am

Treo Pro Gets a Video, Still Runs Windows Mobile

Slashgear's just found a video of the upcoming Treo Pro » 8/19/08 11:42am 8/19/08 11:42am, a device that physically looks like the , but runs the touchscreen version of Windows Mobile. The video shows you pretty much what you need to know about how big the phone is in your hand (not too big) but if you want to see it compared to some other things,…

Palm Treo Pro Live Shots

Yesterday's leaked Treo Pro was definitely not a rendering. We've now got a whole gallery of it in the flesh, confirming its good looks, and maybe more importantly, its size. While a little taller and wider than the Centro, it's mercifully thinner than its pocket-bulging predecessor. The keyboard spacing looks like… » 8/15/08 11:52am 8/15/08 11:52am