Reviewed: Cingular Treo 750 (Verdict: Good, But There's Cheaper…

Embargoes be damned! Mobility Today just posted a review of the Palm Treo 750 for Cingular (after being read the riot act by Palm earlier today). The reviewer calls it "one of the best PocketPC Phone Edition devices ever to be released." Guess he liked it. It's the first 3G Treo as well, so it's got some decent… » 1/07/07 7:03pm 1/07/07 7:03pm

Treo 750: We're 90 Percent Sure It'll Be Announced Here Very Soon

We kinda had a feeling that the Treo 750 was going to be announced during this year's CES, and an inadvertent leak by a Web site earlier today all but confirms our suspicions. We shan't be posting any pics just yet (being sued is no fun), but Palm will be talking later today. Once the official word hits, rush back… » 1/07/07 11:35am 1/07/07 11:35am

Cingular Rebate Ad Points To Treo 750, Treo 680 and Cingular 8525

It looks as though the Treo 750 will cost Cingular customers $100 less than they might have anticipated if the wireless carrier's Web site is to be trusted. The eagle eyes at Mobility Today noticed a $100 rebate for the Palm smartphone that's valid for both the model with and without a camera. Also in the ad are… » 11/06/06 8:55am 11/06/06 8:55am