CES 2008: Comprehensive Robot Roundup

» 1/14/08 2:00am 1/14/08 2:00am

We had a wail of a time at CES 2008, but we were not the only ones. The various robots on display were also going nuts at the convention. We have rounded them all up in this excellent video, showing you the neat robotics that we thought were worthy of a video shout out. Hit the clip to see them in action, and then… » 1/14/08 2:00am 1/14/08 2:00am

WowWee Replaces the Robosapien with the Tribot Friend-Replacement Robot

This WowWee Tribot is the replacement for last year's Robosapien, a fun-loving, (probably cheesy) joke-telling robofriend to fill the voids of your lonely nights. It plays games that require you to move it around in certain patterns, and its three wheels give it a pretty decent range of movement. It also has a… » 1/05/08 7:57pm 1/05/08 7:57pm