Ghost in the Shell animation intro turned into live action

This gorgeous video looks at how a live-action tribute to Mamoru Oshii's Ghost in the Shell was put together by a group of 20 international artists. It shows the reconstruction of classic shots based on the original opening sequence—the detail is beautiful and I wish they would finish the remaining 75 minutes. » 5/28/14 9:11pm 5/28/14 9:11pm

'CrackBerry Love' Tribute Ruins Ten Years of BlackBerry in About Four Minutes

Gadget-inspired songs are almost always terrible » 11/14/08 7:55am 11/14/08 7:55am, but this, this is something else. A kind-of-spoof, kind-of-ad performed by legendary nobody Caitlen Moe, "Crackberry Love" is an unmitigated disaster. Things to watch for: a man in a BlackBerry suit, endless T-Mobile shout-outs that the company almost certainly…

Mini Slasher Musical Movie Inspired by Macs Vs PCs Debate

Forget the old Macs Vs PCs rap » 10/22/08 8:15am 10/22/08 8:15am and its slightly worn-out , has to be my new fave geek-inspired musical tribute. If only for its -alike transformation into a slasher gore-fest after a few minutes. Seriously—beating someone to death with a MacBook? Strange stuff. There's just one flaw taking the shine off its geek…

MIT Students Create Giant 20-Sided Die In Honor of Gary Gygax

I haven't played Dungeons and Dragons since I was a little kid, but I remember the time I spent geeking out with my friends fondly. So, when D&D co-creator Gary Gygax passed away earlier this month, I couldn't help but feel a little bummed. Apparently, a group of students at MIT felt the same way—which is why they… » 3/25/08 7:40pm 3/25/08 7:40pm