Seeing glow in the dark human stick figures do trick shots is so fun

Dude Perfect, the masters of the YouTube trick shot videos, has tried something different this time: they dressed up in glow in the dark costumes and pulled off their stunts while looking like glowing stick figures. It's actually pretty awesome to see stick figures bounce and move around like humans. »10/27/14 10:40pm10/27/14 10:40pm

Golf trick shot activates Rube Goldberg machine to cook hot dogs

You would think that you could only do so much with golf trick shots but David Kalb, trick shot extraordinaire, takes it to another level. He rigs his trick shots so they have to be absolutely perfect because they eventually turn into Rube Goldberg machines that can make hot dogs and create flaming watermelon heads. »7/12/14 12:00am7/12/14 12:00am

Awesomely fake trick shot video shows you can’t trust anything anymore

The bros at Rocket Jump already impressed us once with their incredibly impressive and almost believable knife-throwing video and now they've done it again with this clip of nine trick shots in a row. They're also filmed in one continuous take. It would be really impressive—if it were real. »3/19/14 10:36pm3/19/14 10:36pm

This two person golf trick shot is unbelievable

Excuse the portrait mode video but this golf trick shot is so impressive that we can ignore the blatant disregard of proper cell phone video recording etiquette. Here's what goes down: the guy behind hits a golf ball to the guy in front who swings and hits the same ball without the ball ever touching the ground. It's… »3/10/14 11:21pm3/10/14 11:21pm

These pool tricks seem like they're breaking all of Earth's magnets

I'm not sure there's an explanation for this amazing set of pool tricks other than the guy doing them, professional pool trick shot player Florian Kohler, is just impossibly good at what he does or that Kohler has somehow found a way to coax all of the magnets on Earth to bend balls however he wants so they travel… »1/10/14 11:15pm1/10/14 11:15pm