U.S.S. Independence: A Triple Hulled, Weapon-Laden Monster That is Surprisingly Affordable

Last month, the US Navy and General Dynamics took the lid off the new U.S.S. Independence littoral combat ship (LCS). This beast will sail close to the shore and throw everything imaginable at an enemy—from armored vehicles and helicopters to shells, torpedoes and missiles. Plus, it can hustle at a rumored 60 knots.… » 5/07/08 7:10pm 5/07/08 7:10pm

Is it a Boat? Is it a Plane? No, it's the Hydroptre

A 60-footer that goes by the name of Hydropt re is hoping to travel at over 50 knots (58mph) and become the world's fastest racing ship. Using "wings", the French-built craft glides over the waves, instead of ploughing through them like a traditional sailing vessel. Even the captain, Alain Th bault, who has crossed… » 8/06/07 6:18am 8/06/07 6:18am