Beard Trimmers Come With Lasers Now, Everybody Go Back to Bed

If you're absolutely fanatical about keeping the lines of your beard or goatee clean and symmetrical, you probably tossed your old razor after seeing that Philips is introducing a trimmer with a built-in laser-projected guide. The StyleXpert Beardtrimmer 9000 takes your obsessive grooming routine to the next level;… » 9/05/13 8:55am 9/05/13 8:55am

Core CGT 400 Trimmer Review: This Electric Trimmer Is a Gas

Gas-powered weed eaters are burly enough to chop down the thickest underbrush, no doubt. But they're also noisy, smelly, and expensive to run. Instead, take the CGT400 Trimmer from CORE GasLess Power for a spin. » 7/01/13 3:31pm 7/01/13 3:31pm

Primpalicious Gifts for the Obsessive Groomer

He takes longer than your girlfriend to get ready. Zac Efron hair is his Holy Grail. Somehow you're still friends, so help him preen with a gift that will blow his vain brain away. » 11/27/11 12:00pm 11/27/11 12:00pm

His skin care arsenal contains every possible weapon. Still, he will experience the occasional, world-rocking breakout. Help him banish…