Bose Apologizes for TriPort Troubles, Offers Free Upgrades

All you TriPort owners listen up. Now that Bose has come clean on the TriPort's stability issues," they're releasing an updated version of their in-ear headphones which they say won't fall out of your ears. They're also releasing three additional accessories for the headphones, a wire clip, a neck lanyard, and… » 3/09/07 8:24am 3/09/07 8:24am

Bose Taking its TriPort Headphones Back to the Drawing Board

So remember those Bose headphones that Giz reader Todd reviewed for us back in January? Well, turns out they weren't ready for prime time just yet. The gang at CNET says Bose is planning a special press conference next week where they'll address the TriPort's "stability issue" for owners who couldn't get a snug fit… » 3/01/07 12:54pm 3/01/07 12:54pm