We Live With 80,000 Untested Chemicals in Consumer Products

The hundreds of thousands of chemicals that are packed into our homes and lives are what make modern consumerism possible, keeping our food fresh and our walls from molding. They are also, in many cases, completely untested and backed by giant corporations with a financial stake in their successful adoption. » 5/04/15 11:45am 5/04/15 11:45am

Free iPhone Tetris Getting Pulled from App Store

Tris, the free version of Tetris » 8/25/08 10:15am 8/25/08 10:15am for the iPhone that we loved ('cause it was free!) is being pulled from the App Store. Apparently, The Tetris Company called up Apple and it no likey. Its creator, Noah Witherspoon, says that while he thinks The Tetris Company's copyright claim is thin-and would be thinner still if he…

iPhone Apps We Love: Tris - Free iPhone Tetris

EA's version of Tetris was fine. There was nothing hugely wrong with it » 8/15/08 1:20pm 8/15/08 1:20pm, except that $10 price. And since we've all paid for Tetris before on one platform or another, we'll gladly settle for the iPhone's free version of Tetris called Tris. Move pieces by sliding your finger back and forth and rotate them by tapping…