Triumph Brings Out Bra-and-Pants Set with Solar Panels (Guess Where the Beverage Dispenser Is)

This bra-and-pants set in astroturf a fetching shade of public-convenience green towelling is, aspazzarently, part of underwear manufacturer Triumph's Autumn-Winter collection. As well as a whacking great panel of photovoltaic cells on the front of it (useful for winterwear, don't you think?) there's an electronic… »5/14/08 5:00am5/14/08 5:00am

The Nine Lives of Evel Knievel, the Superstar Who Wanted to Jump the Grand Canyon

Elvis on a motorbike, Evel Knievel was one of the icons of the '70s. With his star-spangled red, white and blue leathers—apparently inspired by Liberace rather than the King—and mussed-up blonde mop, cape flying behind him as he catapulted his Harley XR750 over buses, cars and canyons, Evel was excess personified.… »12/09/07 8:00am12/09/07 8:00am

Triumph's Solar Swimsuit Powers USB Devices, Makes Good Excuse to Post Seminude Woman

There have been prototypes before but this Triumph's Solar Swimsuit seems to be the first that is going to be commercially available. Created by lingerie and swimwear manufacturer Triumph and photovoltaic cell manufacturer Conergy, it will provide enough power to feed a cellphone or an iPod. »4/24/07 3:30pm4/24/07 3:30pm