Skype's Encryption May be Used as an Excuse for Trojan Viruses by…

Skype's encryption codes are proving a problem for German police, who say that their officers are unable to monitor suspect conversations. One of the country's top cops admitted yesterday that the combination of VoIP technology and Germany's strict anti-surveillance laws — a reaction to the Stasi's exploits during the… » 11/23/07 5:32am 11/23/07 5:32am

Seagate Accidentally Shipped 1,800 Trojan-Horse Tainted Drives

Roughly 1,800 external drives manufactured by Seagate were infected with a Trojan horse virus that sent personal information back to China, according to the Taipei Times. The disk drives, sold at retail in Taiwan, were presumably messed with when they were in the possession of one of Seagate's Chinese subcontractors.… » 11/13/07 11:06am 11/13/07 11:06am