Terrifying Android Malware Hacks Your PC and then Eavesdrops On You…

It's one thing when malware attacks your phone, but it's another when that same malware hops over to your PC and then uses it to listen in on all your conversations on top of just messing with your phone. A newly discovered Android app—one that's in the Google Play store—can do just that. Beware. » 2/03/13 5:54pm 2/03/13 5:54pm

The Feds Will Shut off Your Internet If You Don't Clean Your Computer…

When the FBI and Estonian authorities finally crushed the DNSChanger Trojan network in January, they set up a temporary DNS exchange to maintain connectivity for the millions of infected users until they could wipe the bug from their systems. » 4/23/12 8:00pm 4/23/12 8:00pm

Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 140,000 Still…

There have been fixes, both unofficial and from Apple itself, for the Flashback trojan that's been plaguing Macs these past few weeks. But of the 600,000 systems initially infected, nearly a third are still compromised. So, hopefully once and for all, here's how to make sure you're not one of them. » 4/18/12 8:38am 4/18/12 8:38am

Mac Flashback Trojan: Find Out If You're One of the 600,000 Infected

There's a new Mac trojan that's been floating around, and it's terrifying everyone. It's written in an unknown language, doesn't even need your password to compromise you, and now it's apparently infected 600,000 users. Here's how to use Terminal to check if you're one of the unlucky many. » 4/05/12 8:40am 4/05/12 8:40am

Duqu Framework's Mystery Language Identified as Custom C

When Kaspersky Labs revealed its analysis of the Duqu Trojan earlier this month they were stumped by a block of code that appeared to be a previously unseen programming language. With the help of the Internet, Kaspersky's identified the code, not as a new computer language, but rather, an old one. » 3/19/12 7:44pm 3/19/12 7:44pm