Panasonic Tru2Way CableCard TVs Launch in Chicago and Denver

It looks like consumers in Chicago and Denver will have the privilege of being the first to get their hands on Panasonic's new tru2way »10/15/08 4:53pm10/15/08 4:53pm-enabled . Basically, is a new type of CableCARD that will deliver interactive features to cable subscribers without the need for a cable box. Panasonic has plans to sell the new VIERA…


Tru2way TVs from Panasonic and Sony, Live For the First Time

Fans of Giz Explains know that Tru2way is the cable industry's latest cable card scheme »9/04/08 1:50pm9/04/08 1:50pm. Today, Sony and Panasonic are showing off their own Tru2way-enabled TVs, Pana's PZ80Q with a built-in box, and Sony's Bravia with a box that connects via HDMI. What's cool is that this is the first time their showing it connected…

Intel Wants FCC to Make Set-Top Box Ethernet Ports Mandatory

This would be great: Intel reps paid a visit to the FCC to lobby for making ethernet ports a requirement in new set-top boxes, meaning every set-top box would be IP capable. So connectivity like the cable industry's tru2way dealio and home networking would go from bustable industry pact to government mandate. Odds of… »7/21/08 1:40pm7/21/08 1:40pm

Sony Signs on With tru2way: Kiss Your Cable Box Goodbye

Joining Panny, Sammy and LG, Sony has signed on with the cable industry to support tru2way (aka OpenCable). Basically, sets with tru2way can do everything you'd usually need a set-top box from your cable company for, like VOD, programming guides and other interactive stuff, without the box (sounds like a future Giz… »5/27/08 5:15pm5/27/08 5:15pm