An iPhone 5 Cable That Never Tangles and Doubles as a Stand

Upgrade your iPhone 5's default sync cable with the thicker, posable Trunk and you'll never spend another second of your life untangling that web of knots that magically appears in your pocket. Available now for just $20, the Trunk's reinforced core can actually support your iPhone 5 in almost any position, letting… »5/22/13 9:34am5/22/13 9:34am


iPod Trunk from Pinel & Pinel Probably the Most Gorgeous Around

Parisian trunkmaker Pinel & Pinel's iPod case is the kind of iPod case I'd like to get my hands on—if I hadn't dropped my iPod before Christmas, that is. Made from leather-covered wood, its built-in speakers are Altec-Lansing, and it's got a couple of pockets so you don't lose your accessores (I know my USB connector… »3/24/08 7:18am3/24/08 7:18am