Showing off on social media is a stupid game

If life was a video game right now, it'd be a pretty terrible one. That's because it'd just be levels of Facebooks and Twitters and Instagrams and social networks that would encourage us to pimp our lives for likes. And push us to hashbrag what we do. And to make sure the world sees our selfies. Team follow back.… »12/09/14 11:37pm12/09/14 11:37pm


Nine true facts that sound made up but are actually completely true

Sometimes things sound real but are completely fake. Those fake facts are just so convenient sounding and come perfectly wrapped in a bow tie that they spread like a disease. And then there are other facts that sound like complete made up bullshit but are actually real. Those are the scary ones. The shared souls over… »2/05/14 11:34pm2/05/14 11:34pm

Sometimes, the Truth Is Best Served Over Email: Agree or Disagree?

There's usually no escaping a difficult conversation. But at least nowadays we can choose in which medium to have the chat. There's certainly a premium placed on in-person conversations—really, you just want to be there with the person, see his (or her) facial expressions, reactions, etc. It's also nice to have the… »7/11/12 1:00am7/11/12 1:00am

Harsh Reality Behind the Gizmodo/Reader Symbiosis Revealed by Dilbert

It's not often that a simple three-pane comic strip says something meaningful and true about your life, but I think it's safe to say that today's Dilbert strip essentially sums up what this here website and its readers are all about. We post about gadgets, sometimes cool, sometimes not, and you read about them either… »11/20/08 10:00am11/20/08 10:00am