Swatch Concept: Air Tube Design Has Us Pumped

Wish we could say this is the latest Swatch that's on sale now, but not yet. It's a concept by British designer Laurence Dawes based on a bicycle pump tube. Even though those floating numerals might be a bit difficult to manufacture, we think the concept is sufficiently eye-catching to warrant that coveted Swatch… » 1/23/07 9:57am 1/23/07 9:57am

Undersound: A Music-based MySpace For the Subway

We don't get much subway entertainment (aside from that homeless guy who always plays the accordion for us) so our curiosity was piqued when we came across Undersound. Though it's yet to be rolled out, Undersound is an interface you can access from your Bluetooth handheld while riding the subway. From it, you can… » 10/19/06 10:55am 10/19/06 10:55am