Holy crap, check out the awesome new Lego Batman Tumbler!

Behold the Lego Ultimate Collector's Series Batman Tumbler, a 1,869-piece vehicle built to minifig (mini-land?) scale. That means it's huge: 15 by 9 inches long, with a gorgeous interior cockpit. It'll come with Dark Knight Batman and Joker (the Heath Ledger version) minifigs for $200 this September. » 7/21/14 12:36pm 7/21/14 12:36pm

Who's foolish enough to not bid on a Batman Tumbler golf cart?

I don't know about you guys but I don't have much self control when it comes to awesome things that deserve to be purchased. Even if they don't do anything I can't help myself. See awesome, buy awesome. I assume the entire world operates like that too. So now I'm thinking about how many people are going to put… » 12/04/13 12:25am 12/04/13 12:25am

Batman's Tumbler Replica Won't Fly On Rooftops, Ram Through Barricades…

This $499 Tumbler from The Dark Knight » 9/02/08 3:40pm 9/02/08 3:40pm is confusing. On the one hand, it's $499, but on the other hand, it's a 1:6 replica of what Batman's been driving in the last two movies, PLUS it's even big enough for you to fit your 12-inch action figures in. The thing doesn't seem to be remote controlled—you'd be afraid to…

How Stuff Works Hosting Detailed Guide To Batman's Tumbler

If you're a fan of the current crop of Batman » 8/08/08 10:00pm 8/08/08 10:00pm movies (you probably are) then you either love or hate the new Batmobile, affectionately known as the Tumbler. If you're in the love camp, then you can now find out everything you'd want to know about the four prop cars they built for the films, including what engine they…

DIY Batman Tumbler Is Nearly Perfect, Built With One Man's Bare Hands

Bob Dullam is a man possessed-by a lot of things, surely, but mainly by the drive to build this absolutely amazing working replica of Batman's current-gen Batmobile, the Tumbler. Our buddies over at Jalopnik have spotted it, and It's got it all-the afterburner, the huge honking double-barrel wheels, the… » 8/05/08 8:20pm 8/05/08 8:20pm

Paper-craft Batmobile Recreates Tumbler From The Dark Knight

Despite wanting desperately to watch The Dark Knight, I still haven't gotten a chance to rush out to my nearest movie theater and bask myself in the two-or-so-hours of nerdgasmic delight I know is waiting for me. So as the stellar reviews pour in from the papers and from friends, I need to find creative ways to… » 7/19/08 10:45am 7/19/08 10:45am

Batman Tumbler Transformer Eats Jokers and Decepticons for Breakfast

The Tumbler is the most badass Batmobile ever (it's a freakin' tank), but what if it was a Transformer? This is definitely what it would look like: A Decepticon-shredder. Bat-ingenuity, Transformer tech and sheer badassery definitely make this the beastliest 'bot out of Cybertron. Optimus Prime had better watch his… » 7/14/08 11:50am 7/14/08 11:50am

Batmobile Tumble Case Mod, Bye Bye Mac

After finding himself bored by his Wal-Mart R/C Tumbler, one modder decided to do the only logical thing: make the toy into a badass case mod. While the specs are a bit on the lame side—AMD Sempron 2800+, 40 gig HD, 736 MB of DDR 400 ram and a CD/DVD drive—we're still fairly certain this computer could beat the crap… » 8/09/07 9:11am 8/09/07 9:11am