Tons of tumbleweeds invade and bury city near Roswell, New Mexico

Clovis—a New Mexico town northeast of Roswell—has been devoured by The Tumbleweeddom. Resident Lee Cassidy said that "it looked like a herd of cows coming... the tumbleweeds were just rolling in here." And indeed they rolled, burying streets and homes under piles over 8 feet high. The scenes are surreal. »2/01/14 5:39am2/01/14 5:39am


How Tumbleweeds Spread Radiation From Old Nuclear Sites

The tumbleweed, which seems so at home rolling down an American highway, is actually an invasive plant from the Russian steppes. In the relatively short time it's been invading the plains—just over a century—the tumbleweed has managed to establish itself as an indelible symbol of the western landscape. It is the… »1/28/14 9:40am1/28/14 9:40am