Intelligent Lantern for People Who Like Son with Their Lumiere

The intelligent lantern could be termed the Swiss Army Knife of flashlights—although the purists among you will probably complain that you can't file your nails, peel an orange or get a stone out of a horse's hoof with it. As well as a super-bright beam that can be seen a mile away, the nine-inch outdoor gizmo rocks… » 12/10/07 12:34pm 12/10/07 12:34pm

TiVo-Compatible SDV Tuner May Enable Video on Demand

Remember the USB connector device we pointed at a couple days ago that could bring two-way cable communication? It be this Motorola USB SDV tuning resolver. Dave Zatz explains that this tuner, which will plug into the back of your TiVo in order to enable two-way communications between your box and the cable company,… » 11/30/07 3:20pm 11/30/07 3:20pm

Bang & Olufsen DVD 2 Has TV Tuner, DVD Recorder

Bang & Olufsen's latest sex-tastic DVD player doesn't just play back DVDs, there's an analog TV tuner, HDMI output, Guide Plus+, a 250GB hard drive and the ability to burn shows to DVD as well. This may not have TiVo-level functionality, but it's infinitely better looking. And when's the last time anyone besides that… » 8/22/07 2:29pm 8/22/07 2:29pm

Elgato Brings Network-Connected HDTV to Your Mac With HDHomeRun

Elgato improves on their USB High Def solution for Macs by introducing the HDHomeRun, a network-connected device that can actually service multiple machines at once. There are two ATSC (over the air or unencrypted cable but not standard cable) tuners, which means two people can watch 24 and Heroes at the same time.… » 7/24/07 2:40pm 7/24/07 2:40pm

Sony ICD-F7000: Wake Up and Smell the Gimp-Breath

Ooooh, zexy. This is Sony's new CD-Tuner-Alarm Clock, the ICD-F7000. It's got a double alarm, so that your gimp can get up before you and get your brekker ready for you. And there's a stereo input, so you can also plug your gimp into it and have it sing for its supper. Did I type gimp again? Sorry, I meant to say… » 6/05/07 5:20am 6/05/07 5:20am

Fender Keychain Tuner: Flashlight and Bottle Opener, Too

Whether we're playing a Stratocaster, Precision Bass or the classic amps from Fender, we guitarists have a deep respect for the revered brand and its storied instruments, and now we can wear that logo on a key fob with the Fender Keychain Tuner, a strobe-light guitar tuner that doubles as a bottle opener. » 12/01/06 11:51am 12/01/06 11:51am