This Incredible Soundboard Website Has Pretty Much Every Sound You'd…

I've found your new favorite website: Funswitcher.com. It has pretty much every sound known to mankind. From TV show theme songs like Community and Buffy, to video games sounds like Super Mario Star. Hell it even has sounds for having an orgasm and your favorite memes. You will lose hours to this website and you will… » 1/30/13 9:00pm 1/30/13 9:00pm

First Recording of Computer Music Found. Verdict: Catchy, But You Can't…

A recent dig around in the BBC's archives has resulted in an unexpected find: recordings made in 1951 of a Ferranti Mark 1 computer playing tunes. Predating what was thought previously to be the first (on a Bell Labs IBM mainframe in 1957) the tapes were made during a recording of Children's Hour in Manchester… » 6/18/08 6:21am 6/18/08 6:21am

iAno iPhone App Gives Your iPhone C-Minor Key

Between iAno - the newly released iPhone app that turns your cellphone into a piano - and the earlier released PocketGuitar, which does much of the same but with a guitar, it is only a matter of time before we see the first iPhone band. That will be awesomely groundbreaking, and what we ask is that you send us the… » 2/16/08 5:30pm 2/16/08 5:30pm

Amazon MP3 Service Going Global; Epic iTunes Battle on the Horizon

Amazon's digital music catalogue is all set to go global, and although a launch date has not yet been settled, it shall hit sometime this year. Given Amazon MP3 offers DRM-free tracks, which are generally cheaper than iTunes limited, equivalent offerings, we cannot help but think an epic battle between the big As is… » 1/27/08 7:15am 1/27/08 7:15am