The World's Largest Tunnel Boring Machine: A 400-Foot, 9.5-Million…

We've been thinking a lot today about moving earth to make pathways. Tunnels. What if you're not talking about thin, dirt tubes to move humans, though, but holes so big entire industries can flow through them? This is the world's largest tunnel boring machine: an Earth Pressure Balance (EPB) Shield developed by… » 4/25/11 5:18pm 4/25/11 5:18pm

Tunnel-Flying an RC Airplane, Chasing With a Car

Check out these guys who took a radio-controlled airplane with an 80-inch wingspan capable of a 120mph top speed and flew it through tunnels under Stockholm, Sweden, as they followed along just behind it in a car. A stunt like this is certainly not recommended for those of you who just got a radio-controlled… » 12/26/07 9:27am 12/26/07 9:27am

180mph Car Treadmill Great for Designers, Dangerous for Pilots

Check this full size Nascar sitting on top of a steel belt sliding at 180mph. While wind tunnels have been used to design cars for years, the results can be affected by the fact that the ground is still. This machine solves that problem, in truly dramatic and dangerous fashion. Just like NASCAR itself. The image after… » 7/26/07 6:32am 7/26/07 6:32am