Removing A Tunneling Machine From The Ground Is Strangely Difficult

Tunnel-boring machines are genuine marvels of modern technology — self-contained contraptions big enough to build entire subway tunnels, a job that used to require thousands of pick-axes and the sacrifice of quite a few lives. But once construction is finished, getting the machines out can take months. » 2/21/15 1:00pm 2/21/15 1:00pm

We Finally Found What's Blocking The World's Largest Tunneling Machine

Ever since the colossal machine tunneling under Seattle, nicknamed Bertha, was stopped in its tracks, there's been a frenzied speculation about what mysterious "object" could possibly block such a powerful machine. The answer is, at least partially, a steel pipe. » 1/03/14 5:31pm 1/03/14 5:31pm

Learn Real-Life Minecraft at London's First Academy for Tunnelers

In today's Observer, architecture editor Rowan Moore explores Europe's largest infrastructure project: London's new Crossrail line. Moore explains that, in addition to such factors as cost, miles, tons of dirt moved, and other construction superlatives, Crossrail also "claims to be the largest archaeological site in… » 11/24/13 12:00pm 11/24/13 12:00pm

Helsinki's Underground Shadow City

Bound by buildings on one side and a harbor on the other, the Finnish capital of Helsinki is pursuing a unique direction for its urban expansion: straight down. Thanks to a cooperatively shallow bedrock, building underground is relatively painless and inexpensive, and already citizens enjoy access to a subterranean… » 2/24/11 4:40pm 2/24/11 4:40pm