The Buffalo TurboUSB Smokes All That Dare to Cross Its Path...Or So They Say

The new TurboUSB from Buffalo is being hyped as the fastest flash drive on the market by a whopping 20% margin. That kind of speed would certainly be useful if you are planning on transferring data approaching its 32GB storage capacity. Unfortunately, claims like that don't amount to anything more than big talk and… »12/12/07 5:40pm12/12/07 5:40pm


Buffalo Says its Turbo USB Tech Speeds Data Transfers by 60%

Buffalo has figured out a way to speed up its USB hard drives with what it's calling Turbo USB, making its MiniStation (pictured above left) and DriveStation USB drives 60% faster than any others on the market. The company says this exclusive Turbo USB tech works equally well on Macs and PCs, and accelerates data… »8/06/07 8:30am8/06/07 8:30am