Filing Your Taxes Online Was Even More Terrible in 1991

If you're one of the many tax-procrastinating thrill seekers who waited until the last minute to get cracking, there's a pretty good chance you spent most of that time cursing TurboTax's powers that be. It might have even been enough to make you yearn for a simpler time, a time when we weren't dependent on the… » 4/15/13 2:40pm 4/15/13 2:40pm

Figure Out Where Your Tax Dollars Went with This Interactive Infographic

It's tax day! Do you feel that sense of relief? Or depression? Or are you now panicked because you forgot about them? Either way, wouldn't you like to know where your hard-earned money is going? Now you can, with WhereDidMyTaxDollarsGo.com, which was the winner of the Data Viz Challenge. Just type in how much you earn… » 4/18/11 11:00pm 4/18/11 11:00pm

File Taxes From Your Smartphone with TurboTax SnapTax

It's not for everyone: You have to have an income of 80k or less, have no dependents or real estate ownership, and get your income only from W-2s or unemployment. But if you meet those requirements (I do!), TurboTax SnapTax for Android and iOS has got to be the most painless way to deal with those inscrutable tax… » 3/02/11 8:58am 3/02/11 8:58am