Mapquest Gives Android Users a Free Turn-By-Turn Nav App

Android users now have the luxury of another free turn-by-turn option to choose from— Mappquest's free voice-guided nav app is now available in the Android Market. You can talk to it (search for destinations with voice); it can talk to you (it'll pipe up when you need to make a turn); and it has live traffic data… »2/16/11 8:20pm2/16/11 8:20pm


Magellan Sends Its Eldest Child Into the iPhone Turn-By-Turn App War, Tearfully

In this war there are two battles: the polite, traditional fight between expensive, full-featured apps like Navigon and TomTom, and the I-will-undercut-you-if-it-means-killing-my-own-mother gorefest of the cheaper apps, like MotionX and Gokivo. With RoadMate, Magellan has taken the road less bloody. »11/16/09 4:34pm11/16/09 4:34pm

First Turn-By-Turn Navigation App Comes to Android, Hates America

AndNav2 is Android's first
turn-by-turn navigation app, marking one of the first instances where Android's wide-open apps policy has put it at an advantage over the iPhone. At least, in Europe. UPDATED 10:38 EST

Since the software is based on the OpenStreetMap mapping data, the app will be more useful in some areas… »12/19/08 9:00am12/19/08 9:00am

Blaupunkt Travel Pilot N700 Overlays Directions on Live Video, Reads Street Signs

In the last few months car navigation systems have seen a variety of enhancements, from aerial photography »8/29/08 12:45pm8/29/08 12:45pm to 3D to . None, however, have done live video. The Travel Pilot N700 has a small camera stuck on the back of the windshield-mounted unit that feeds live video on which navigation instructions are superimposed.…

Apple Doesn't Have a Problem With iPhone Cut and Paste, They Just Don't Care

In an interview with Extreme Tech, Apple product head Greg Joswiak explained the lack of cut and paste in the iPhone: it's just not a priority right now. He says Apple worked its way as far down its "priority list" of features for firmware 2.0, but just not far enough to reach cut and paste. He then went on the… »7/14/08 4:25pm7/14/08 4:25pm