Symbol Audio's Modern Record Console Makes Music Look as Beautiful as It Sounds

When it comes to audio technology, there are two unfortunate trends that are quite prevalent: listeners are ambivalent towards sound quality, and few audio products are built to last generations. In fact, audio equipment has become rather invisible in the home. Symbol Audio, a company with a background in… »5/22/12 9:40am5/22/12 9:40am

Can You Believe This "Entry Level" Turntable Costs $28,400?

Personally, I think this turntable looks like a really poor attempt at making a cake look like a tree trunk candle, but apparently it's $28,400 worth of audiophilic record-playing quality. It's only Audio Consulting's entry-level model mind you—the mind boggles at the thought of what they'd price their high-end model… »5/04/11 12:40pm5/04/11 12:40pm

Dreams DJ Speaker Is Really Just a Fake Turntable for Tiny People

I long for the days of pops and hisses and scratches of turntables and analog sound. Nah, I lied. I'm too lazy for vinyl, unless we are talking about vinyl bras. And while most of you probably haven't ever seen a long play, if you want to buy yet another piece of craptabolous plastic that says you once wanted to be a… »11/06/08 1:15pm11/06/08 1:15pm