Symbol Audio's Modern Record Console Makes Music Look as Beautiful as…

When it comes to audio technology, there are two unfortunate trends that are quite prevalent: listeners are ambivalent towards sound quality, and few audio products are built to last generations. In fact, audio equipment has become rather invisible in the home. Symbol Audio, a company with a background in… » 5/22/12 9:40am 5/22/12 9:40am

Can You Believe This "Entry Level" Turntable Costs $28,400?

Personally, I think this turntable looks like a really poor attempt at making a cake look like a tree trunk candle, but apparently it's $28,400 worth of audiophilic record-playing quality. It's only Audio Consulting's entry-level model mind you—the mind boggles at the thought of what they'd price their high-end model… » 5/04/11 12:40pm 5/04/11 12:40pm

Old World Meets New World in This iPhone Turntable Box

As with any good analog gadget brought into the 21st century world (the Leica i9 and Slow Photography box being prime examples), this turntable iPhone dock will only encourage people to seek out ye olde hardware. I mean, we can't sit on the edges of our chairs, just waiting for these designers to bring their concepts… » 4/28/11 4:20am 4/28/11 4:20am

Dreams DJ Speaker Is Really Just a Fake Turntable for Tiny People

I long for the days of pops and hisses and scratches of turntables and analog sound. Nah, I lied. I'm too lazy for vinyl, unless we are talking about vinyl bras. And while most of you probably haven't ever seen a long play, if you want to buy yet another piece of craptabolous plastic that says you once wanted to be a… » 11/06/08 1:15pm 11/06/08 1:15pm