The Weird Reason Why So Many Turtles Are Delaying Flights at JFK

Remember when dozens of mating turtles shut down a whole runaway at JFK International Airport in 2009? It was only the start of a turtle invasion that has vexed travelers and perplexed biologists for years. But we may have figured out why turtles are all over the tarmac, and it has to do with raccoons. » 7/07/14 5:40pm 7/07/14 5:40pm

Remote Control Turtles Could One Day Be Our Secret Slow and Steady…

Even if they aren't mutated into teenage ninjas, turtles might one day be a viable alternative to drones for espionage and surveillance. They come already armor-plated, they're amphibious, they're powered by plants, and thanks to their natural desire to avoid obstacles, researchers have found a clever way to even… » 4/23/13 1:20pm 4/23/13 1:20pm

This Robotic Sea Turtle Moves Through the Water With Breathtaking Grace

Mankind's attempts to create robotic humans that move exactly like us have so far been far from perfect. They usually stumble around, desperately trying to keep their balance like a toddler taking its first steps. But recreating the natural motions of underwater creatures like sea turtles? We've damn near perfected… » 11/30/12 6:40pm 11/30/12 6:40pm

Ancient Car-Sized Turtles Hung Out with Titanoboas

Scientists recently discovered a fossilized turtle so big, its shell could be mistaken for a boat. If you were to stand it up, is 5 foot 7 inches, just shorter than the average American male. That's just the shell. Its skull is about the size of a football and was equipped with massive jaws that allowed it to eat… » 5/17/12 8:20pm 5/17/12 8:20pm

A Message From Russia: Turtles Are Reluctantly USB Compatible

In what is apparently an advertisement for a Russian mobile internet provider, a creative young HSDPA fan experiments with his modem in ways some might frown upon. The ad doesn't follow the viral convention of surprising viewers with an unlikely result following from normal circumstances, because the setup - a violent… » 8/27/08 8:40pm 8/27/08 8:40pm