Sony's Bravia Theater RHT-G500 3.1-Channel Hi-Fi is a TV Stand Too

Stand your precious new HDTV on a simple, old-fashioned plank of wood? No, that's way too low-tech... or at least you might think so after seeing Sony's RHT-G500. It's an "invisible home cinema" TV stand. "A TV stand with a product code?" you might ask. Yes. And an integrated 3.1-channel audio system with S-Force PRO… » 8/06/08 4:08am 8/06/08 4:08am

Thanko Electric Up-Down TV Stand Lets You Wii Standing Up

Purveyor of strange peripherals Thanko may actually have made a useful non-USB gadget— a motorized TV stand that lets you raise your TV up to eye-level for better Wii gaming. Great idea, but Thanko needs to employ new guys in the "name that gadget" office: this is called the "Electric Up and Down Big TV Stand." » 3/10/08 11:02am 3/10/08 11:02am

Yamaha AVX-LC30 TV Rack Comes Loaded with Dolby

Evesham has done it, and now Yamaha is doing it as well, but quite a bit better, in my opinion. The AVX-LC30 TV Rack is a TV stand that includes an integrated Dolby system. The TV stand supports TVs up to 42-inches and includes six-channel, 35W speakers and a large, faux-wood subwoofer. What makes this TV stand better… » 3/05/07 2:30pm 3/05/07 2:30pm

Evesham Sound Stage X1 is a TV Stand, Surround Sound System

I love it when two products get together and mate to form a completely new and awesome product—kind of like when a squirrel mated with a parrot to create the duck-billed platypus. The Sound Stage X1 is a fairly snazzy (and cheap) TV stand that comes with a 50W subwoofer, two 20W center speakers, four 30W front… » 2/13/07 1:00pm 2/13/07 1:00pm