Sony's Bravia Theater RHT-G500 3.1-Channel Hi-Fi is a TV Stand Too

Stand your precious new HDTV on a simple, old-fashioned plank of wood? No, that's way too low-tech... or at least you might think so after seeing Sony's RHT-G500. It's an "invisible home cinema" TV stand. "A TV stand with a product code?" you might ask. Yes. And an integrated 3.1-channel audio system with S-Force PRO… » 8/06/08 4:08am 8/06/08 4:08am

Plasma-Lift Conference Table Does a Leno-Like Sprout of a 42-Inch…

When it comes to official meeting spaces, many companies spare no expense, so those free spenders will probably love this fancy-schmancy Plasma-Lift Conference Table with a 42-inch plasma display popping up like a boner at the behest of the CEO or his minions. You'd think for $25,000, they could at least go with solid… » 12/27/07 1:15pm 12/27/07 1:15pm