Nero LiquidTV Software Builds a Whole TiVo into Your PC

Possible-new-interface-haver » 9/29/08 5:00am 9/29/08 5:00am TiVo and Nero, the old CD burning guys, have announced a new piece of software that will give your PC all of the capabilities of a TiVo box, allowing it to tune in to and record television through TiVo's familiar interface. The announcement was a long time coming, as TiVo and Nero…

Asus R50 to Be Reincarnated With Keyboard Later This Year

The Asus R50 UMPC is already being updated—even though Mark 1 has yet to be released. Digitimes reports that the handheld with GPS and 3.5G connectivity, due out in June, will be sporting a keyboard come November of this year. As well as running Linux and Vista, the R50 has a webcam and TV tuner and is expected to… » 4/05/08 10:00am 4/05/08 10:00am

Logitec TV Tuner Lets You Watch More Than One Program Simultaneously on Your PC

Plug the Logitec LDT-1S30X4U into the USB port of your PC and you will be able to watch two TV shows at the same time. Connect a second one, thanks to its double USB, (see below, along with a screen grab) and you get to watch four shows. All sorts of features make the LDT-1S30X4U worth a closer look, however.
» 12/05/07 6:55am 12/05/07 6:55am

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Finally Debuts for Macs

ATI's TV Wonder 650 TV tuners have been out for PCs for a bit, but a Mac version of the Combo USB variety's arriving just this month for $149, and it comes in a special white case—guess they didn't get the memo silver's the new white. It's also sporting a polished new interface and parental controls in tvPortal,… » 11/13/07 9:10pm 11/13/07 9:10pm

Dell XPS One A2010 Leaked by the FCC, Reveals Optional TV Tuner and AV Input

Give a little wave to the XPS One A2010 from Dell, which got its first outing on the FCC website. The FCC also posted Dell's system manual on their site, which reveals that the A2010 contains an optional TV tuner. What else do we know? It's a fairly good-looking Asustek-manufactured desktop with Intel Core 2 Duo,… » 10/24/07 4:43am 10/24/07 4:43am

Bang & Olufsen DVD 2 Has TV Tuner, DVD Recorder

Bang & Olufsen's latest sex-tastic DVD player doesn't just play back DVDs, there's an analog TV tuner, HDMI output, Guide Plus+, a 250GB hard drive and the ability to burn shows to DVD as well. This may not have TiVo-level functionality, but it's infinitely better looking. And when's the last time anyone besides that… » 8/22/07 2:29pm 8/22/07 2:29pm

Dell Home Media Suite Up Close: There Are Worse Ways to Blow $11K

While slightly lost in the shuffle among the uproar over its Black Ice-chilled XPS 710 H2C and sexy, aluminum-housed 27-inch 2707WFP, Dell's Home Media Suite packs a decent bit of top-notch hardware into the $11,000 bundle they showed off at CES, including the 2707WFP. The package gets you a Core 2 Duo-based XPS 410… » 1/10/07 8:02am 1/10/07 8:02am

Geforce TV Tuner: Video Everywhere, Still Nothing On

Geforce will release this odd-looking TV tuner in Japan next March, and it's designed to be plugged into portable DVD players and such, giving you TV everywhere. The Geforce G-WWT-1201B even has 512MB of flash memory, which is enough to record two or three hours of programming. Hey, that's just about long enough to… » 12/21/06 9:14am 12/21/06 9:14am

EvolutionTV PVR for Mac Reviewed (Verdict: Looks Pretty, Works Alright)

Here s the bottom line, folks: this is a run-of-the-mill PVR and probably the best thing about it is how pretty it looks. The PVR is based on an anodized aluminum shell that would match perfectly with a Mac tower or Powerbook of sorts. It features a 125-channel analog TV tuner and the ability to use digital cable from… » 12/06/05 1:40pm 12/06/05 1:40pm