Toshiba v604T with TV Tuner

The new V604T phone from Toshiba adds an analog TV and FM tuner to the standard mix of features including a 1.3-megapixel camera, music player, and miniSD card among others. Toshiba's press release advises that analog TV will be unavailable as of 2011—as if anyone keeps a cell phone for five years anyway. The phone…


Pinnacle PVR USB Key

This very cute little terrestrial TV tuner with included PVR software is only available in the UK but records television in MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and DivX formats and sells for about $100. While the PVR software isn't actually on the key itself, it's certainly a compelling idea.


This just may be the perfect solution for people who don t have a few thousand dollars to shell out for a new HDTV. This device comes to us from The Cat's Eye and is available over at ThinkGeek for $159. It can record, pause, fast forward, and rewind either a normal standard-definition television broadcast or HD. It…

Hauppauge Live TV Tuner

Add live TV to your PC with the WinTV HVR-900 TV Tuner, a very small USB 2.0 stick that plugs right into your laptop or any computer to let you receive analog and digital terrestrial TV. Not a bad thing to have when you're stuck at the airport and don't feel like watching Fox News, the HVR-900 comes with a high-gain…