Mac TV Wonder 650 Clear QAM Support Arriving End of the Month

Word from ATI on the initial lack of Clear QAM support—for picking up unencrypted digital cable channels—in the Mac version of the TV Wonder 650 Combo USB TV tuner we showed you: The team was focused on getting it out the door, so it'll "be available via a software update within ATI tvPORTAL itself to help ease the… » 11/15/07 2:00pm 11/15/07 2:00pm

ATI TV Wonder 650 TV Tuner Finally Debuts for Macs

ATI's TV Wonder 650 TV tuners have been out for PCs for a bit, but a Mac version of the Combo USB variety's arriving just this month for $149, and it comes in a special white case—guess they didn't get the memo silver's the new white. It's also sporting a polished new interface and parental controls in tvPortal,… » 11/13/07 9:10pm 11/13/07 9:10pm

ATI Recalls TV Wonder 650 From Store Shelves

ATI's just issued a nation-wide recall of their ATI TV Wonder 650 tuner cards. They should already be off store shelves by now in retailers like Best Buy. No official reason was given, but an ATI insider says that only 30% to 50% of the already paltry 40 stated channels were functioning on these units. » 8/29/06 3:47pm 8/29/06 3:47pm

New Digital TV Tuner Cards from ATI

ATI has just announced the details on two new TV tuner cards: the $129 TV Wonder 650 and the bargain basement $59 TV Wonder 200. The 650 can capture over the air digital TV and analog signals, while the 200 is an analog only card. The 650 also includes PVR software, while the 200 makes do with the basic recording… » 8/22/06 2:38pm 8/22/06 2:38pm