Remote Control Docking Station Defies All Description, Taste

According to the seller, the Remote Buddy "stylish vertical remote holder has four seats to store your most used remotes in one convenient location. Also has a handy cup holder for one drink." It also has four buttons to locate lost remotes (although sadly no buttons to locate lost drinks), as well as many many other… »6/25/08 5:54am6/25/08 5:54am

SR1500 Remote has Wi-Fi, Flash, Controls 24 Devices at Once, Prepares Chicken Casserole

With 802.11b/g Wi-Fi, Web browser, Flash, Java, and more buttons than KITT's dashboard, this WindowsCE-based SR 1500 looks like a Digital Media Remote that wants to be a cellphone when it grows up. Just looking at all those controls and side keys makes us dizzy, but if you are a TV addict, its personalized TV guide,… »1/30/08 6:16am1/30/08 6:16am