TweetBot for Mac: How Can a Twitter Client Possibly Be Worth $20?

TweetBot, the hugely popular iOS Twitter client, finally comes in a finished desktop version available in the Mac App Store for 20 bucks. No joke. It appears to be a nicely polished piece of software with some smart features, but is there any way to justify that price when you can just use Twitter's app for free? »10/18/12 1:19pm10/18/12 1:19pm

Start Tweetbotting, Control the Skies, and Play an Assassin's Card Game

The Twitter update, like all updates, angered some people. We found some of the best Twitter apps out there to ease the updating pain and it turns out, one our choices is now on sale. It's a Twitter miracle! Plus, pretend you're an air-traffic controller, get five games in one, and Assassin's Creed has a card game now. »12/12/11 2:20pm12/12/11 2:20pm